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Why Choose Us?

As a reputable locksmith service provider, we constantly guarantee the benefits and advantages available to our clients. These characteristics contribute to our ability to give superior locksmith services by ensuring our clients’ satisfaction. We understand the frustrations associated with lock and key issues during rush hours, which is why we provide our clients with inexpensive and dependable locksmith services.

Dundee Rd Locksmith established a firm foundation as a locksmith company with our years of experience. Our mission is to provide the community with exceptional and efficient locksmith services. Our company’s first objective is to provide professional locksmith service.

Regardless of the type of locksmith services you require, whether for a car, company, or residence, we guarantee quick and effective locksmith service at your location. Save our number or call us in an emergency from any location.


Who Are We?

A full service locksmith company, Dundee Rd Locksmith provides a comprehensive range of expert locksmith services for automobiles, commercial buildings, and residential properties. Our locksmiths are all highly trained and equipped to complete an amazing job.

Take advantage of our affordable and competent locksmith services, as we are here 24/7 to assist you with all your locksmith needs. You no longer need to be concerned because we’ve got your back whenever you require the services of our Chicago locksmiths. Our locksmith services include providing high security locks for your front door, installing intercom systems, lock installation, door lock repair services, improve locking mechanisms, installing new lock, duplicate keys, and lock replacement. Call us for all your locksmith needs, and one of our mobile locksmiths will be dispatched to your location immediately.



Our Services

Residential Locksmith

Are you seeking for reputable Chicago locksmiths to assist you with your locks and keys issues? Dundee Rd Locksmith is available to assist you right now. We provide comprehensive residential locksmith services at a price that is sure to meet the budget of homeowners!

The quality of house keys and locks deteriorates over time. If this occurs, they may be easily damaged or they could malfunction. You may encounter lockouts and broken keys in the most unexpected circumstances, necessitating the assistance of a professional locksmith.

With our professional assistance, we can enhance your home’s security system and resolve any residential lock and key issues. You can trust us to give you security solutions.

Commercial Locksmith

As a business owner, all your business places necessitate a high level of care, particularly in the area of security. We are all aware that these locations are perpetual targets for robbery and larceny. To prevent unauthorized invasions, you should ensure the robustness of your security procedures – you need excellent security solutions for all your commercial security needs!

If you require professional assistance in enhancing the security system of your commercial businesses, Dundee Rd Locksmith can provide you with the commercial locksmith services you require. Whether you need to rekey, replace broken keys, or install high-quality security systems, our professional locksmiths are ready to assist you. We guarantee that all of the solutions we provide are of the highest quality and within your budget.

Call us for all your locksmith needs and we will come to your area quickly to provide our services.

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Emergency Locksmith

Emergencies can strike at any time of day or night. The worst-case scenario is that it occurs during hours when everyone is asleep and you are unable to call any service provider. Because the quality of keys and locks degrades over time, you require immediate assistance in these cases.

We, at Dundee Rd Locksmith, have made our services available 24 hours a day to guarantee that we can assist our clients. Due to the fact that our lines are constantly open, our clients can contact us at any time of day or night to receive our professional locksmith services. We understand how it feels to be in an emergency situation without anybody to assist you, which is why we guarantee our availability to be open at all times. Contact us immediately for all your locksmith needs.

Auto Locksmith

Car lockouts, damaged car keys, and other lock and key problems in your vehicle can significantly complicate your daily activities and routine. Consider that you’re hurrying to work and your key becomes stuck in the ignition just as you’re going to remove it. This will cause you to be late for your appointment and, in the worst-case scenario, will destroy your car’s ignition.

At Dundee Rd Locksmith, car lock and car keys issues are deemed resolved. Our professional locksmiths have been trained and our services have been updated to assist our clients swiftly and efficiently with issues regarding car keys. Call us to avail of our automotive locksmith services!

15-Minute Response Time


Emergency locksmith services are extremely beneficial to the public. These can provide support to those in need during hours when no one else can. While clients may be delighted with this aspect of locksmith services, it does not entirely assist those in a hurry.

As we continue to observe and expand our business, we have noticed numerous flaws in the locksmith service. They may provide skilled assistance yet charge an exorbitant fee. They can provide emergency services, but reaction times are lengthy.

If you have a lock or key issue with your automobile, home, or company, our Chicago locksmiths are your locksmith partner and can respond instantly to your location. We promise a 15-minute response time once you phone our lines since our professional locksmiths are prepared and trained to assist any client in need. Have you ever been locked out of your home or car? We’ve got you covered. How about broken keys and enhancements to security systems? We are available to assist you. Look at our great reviews!

A full service locksmith company, Dundee Rd Locksmith prides ourselves in providing prompt locksmith services to our clients. We value our clients, which is why we designed our services to be provided swiftly. This way, our professional locksmith can assist our clients in regaining control of their activities and routines.

Call For Immediate Response(847) 629-8561

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Dundee Rd Locksmith’s expert technicians provide a comprehensive range of professional locksmith services in Chicago and other surrounding suburbs – at reasonable prices. If you are in our service area and need a professional locksmith, simply contact us and we will send a prepared mobile locksmith to your location. If you require any information about our firm or services, please contact us or visit our website. Our professional locksmith will resolve your lock and key issues quickly and affordably.

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We always aim for the best possible customer service and experience, reasonable costs for our products andservices, give FREE estimates and FREE professional advice when you book our service.

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